What you said. Only Better.

About Us

We go all in.
We listen.
We obsess over story and structure.
We spend hours on pacing and syntax.
We’re wildly freakish about getting the perfect sound bite.
We’ve been known to debate over an 8-count of music.
We have a seasoned team of filmmakers, editors, producers, writers and brand experts.
We bring them together for one, singular purpose:
To tell your best story, the best way it can be told.

We help define, craft and share business narratives, stories, products and services.
Our work boosts brand awareness, enhances engagement, streamlines sales and raises revenue.

Our Team

  • Lisa Whitman

    Founder and CEO

    Lisa has spent thirty years exploring, writing and sharing the stories of others. Her ability to bring a narrative to life is the cornerstone of DSMG. She values each and every relationship and is the best listener we know. Lisa is a stickler for finding a client’s authentic voice, doing reliable research and defining a client’s message and brand. She will not rest until the client says, ‘Well done.” Having been a video journalist in Moscow, Russia and through her experience in teaching, advertising, television and marketing, she has a broad business perspective and vast knowledge in various roles. Her favorite is being mom to 5 children. Lisa is a native Hoosier and loves Indianapolis as if it were her 6th kid.

  • travis whitman

    Travis Hartman

    Co-Founder and President

    Travis’ grandfather was an entrepreneur. The apple doesn’t fall far. Grandpa was a carpenter. Travis is a filmmaker. But they share the same passion: Do great work. They also share the same ethics: Measure twice, cut once. Travis has a Master of Fine Arts in writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has an extensive background in Information Technology, and shines when it comes to managing people and projects. As President and Project Manager of DSMG, Travis is tirelessly detail-obsessed about integrity, creativity, budgets, punctuality, data storage and vintage stereos. He hails from northern lower Michigan (just ask and he’ll show you on his hand) and is a full-certified ski and snowboard instructor.

  • Anita Czajkowski

    Office Coordinator

    Anita is happiest when she’s checking off the last item on the ‘To-Do’ list. She’s been known to send a group text at 4am reminding the team about an important deadline. She keeps us accountable, organized, grounded, and well-fed (her banana bread would make a gastronome weep). Anita lives for simplified processes and quick responses, but she is also incredibly kind, helpful and resourceful. She solves problems, finds answers and springs into action. It is not an exaggeration when we say we couldn’t live without her. Even though she’s ‘Superwoman’, Anita has a weakness for baby kittens, her family (typically they go hand-in-paw) and her label maker.

  • Matt Stoltz


    Matt literally leaps over tall objects to get the perfect shot. A specialist in digital cinematography, editing, color grading and motion graphics, he has been behind the camera professionally since 2001 and is a veteran in the broadcast television industry, with experience in major sporting event coverage, corporate promos and commercials. Matt is a problem-solver and idea-generator. With a vast knowledge of the latest equipment and software, if there’s a question, Matt will find the solution. Matt is a proud family man, but he loves the fact that his job allows him to still feel like a kid (with much more expensive toys).

  • John-Andrew O’Rourke


    John-Andrew has an entrepreneurial spirit and an innate curiosity. Not surprisingly, he’s the oldest of 10 siblings. He pays attention to every detail: lighting, texture, music, mood…in order to tell the best story. He’s worked with filmmakers in NYC and Chicago and understands every aspect of production. But what he really loves is ‘story’. Story in architecture, story in narrative, story from behind the lens. John-Andrew appreciates good food, good conversation and good design. He’s also a guru when it comes to film equipment, cars, and almost every Apple product.

  • Branden Stanley


    We’re convinced Branden was meant for a different era. With an eye for detail, an appreciation for craftsmanship and a deep love for anything “vintage”, his true passion lies in cinematography and history. Armed with a film degree from Ball State and the mind of a storyteller, he elevates the quality of each shot and scene. Just before marrying his childhood sweetheart, he married his interests in history and film, and documented America’s abandoned factories in the “Rust Belt”. This passion for American heritage and manufacturing has led him to claim that he has never entered a Walmart. Ever.

  • Dave Stone


    If you’re nervous about being ‘on-camera’, Dave Stone is the guy you want behind it. He has a gift of making anyone feel comfortable and competent. You’re always in terrific hands with Dave. As a major motion picture director and a cinematographer for several national ad campaigns and companies, Dave is an expert visual storyteller and director, but he’s also one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s approachable, spontaneous, and incredibly savvy when it comes to making a shoot fun and effortless. Dave is creative, clever and can charm his way into or out of almost any situation. In summary, the guy has skills. He and Brian Whitman head up our southwest team and help us take care of our clients west of the Rockies.

  • Brian Whitman

    Music Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

    It’s not really fair. One person should not have the lion’s share of the talent. But Brian does.
    A nationally-recognized singer/songwriter, music producer and worship leader, as well as a gifted cinematographer, editor and producer, Brian is also one of the most gracious, humble people you’ll ever meet. He was born with a poet’s heart, an artist’s eye, and an awesome set of pipes. He’s equally terrific with a camera in his hand, a soundboard at his fingertips or an editing timeline laid out before him. His best role, however, is being a husband to his lovely wife, and father to three beautiful kids. (That said, if you’re ever at a party with Brian and a karaoke machine is available, make him sing anything by Journey.) We’re pretty sure he would win ‘The Voice’ if we could just get him to try out.

  • Jesse Wallace


    Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you; Jesse has been looking through the lens for almost 2 decades. His passion for video production began when he was just 14 and he soon became a TV production instructor, started his own videography company, and is an award-winning boutique wedding filmmaker. Currently, he’s a video engineer and editor for a college in Chicago but remains a valuable member of DSMG. Jesse is the kind of guy who shows up early and stays late. His goal is to provide the best video for our clients to further their business and brand. In his free time, Jesse loves spending time with his beautiful wife, Rachel, and their 10-year-old dog, Remy. In April of 2015 he launched a new cinema company called Wallace Films, and will be producing a documentary on senior pet adoption.

  • Camden Johnson


    Say what you will about the Millennial generation, but they are wickedly fast learners and understand what it takes to attract and retain an audience. Camden is a key example of both. He brings a fresh approach and understanding to projects, and always looks for new ways to elevate our client’s brand. As a cinematographer, motion graphics animator and editor, he has a unique background that makes him a really valuable part of our team: he’s a dancer/choreographer who is also whip-smart at math. It takes a keen understanding of rhythm, pacing AND calculation to be a great editor and we’re proud to have him at DSMG. Plus, if we ever need to know what’s trending on YouTube or Instagram, he’s our go-to source.